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02-10-2012, 12:57 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
so you want an unlimited shot at opening these boxes and have unlimited chance to win all of the goodies?

no. lifetimers should not get that. perhaps a couple of free keys but these boxes still have lots of items, both in game and c-store that are highly desirable. they are not giving these away for free for fun. they are only doing it to try and make money to further improve the game.

Agreed. Which goes back to the fact that they essentially get the capability to buy 4 free keys in Cryptic points. I'm not a lifer, I don't get 400 CP every month. They do. That's because they paid for a LTS. By now, any of them who have played for roughly 18 months are now basically the same as F2P silver members, and what's interesting is that for those 18+month LTSers, they're getting 400 CP points and not paying, so they're one up over Gold members AND silver members.

The only people who are paying in are the Gold members, and LTSers who only recently bought theirs. Still, no one has to pay. The real money will be made from the C-store. Microtransactions are HUGE business. Look at Zynga for evidence of that, and for your transactions, you get a lot more enjoyment from Cryptic/PWE.

Again, I do believe LTSers and Gold members should be well rewarded, but that doesn't mean giving away the store to appease some folks who think an LTS is a key to the city.