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02-10-2012, 02:21 AM
You guys are so fixed on those dam 400 c-points that you really don't understand what most gold members are mad about. Take a good long hard look at those perks you keep on about and you'll see that apart from the vet rewards you can get most of them from the c-store, now about those vet rewards there Somerset has been talk about some of them being made available using GPL, so there really will be no perks left and no reason to go gold.

Now let's look at those c-points, I think you'll find that most gold members spend more then what there given each month which brings in more money I know I do.

Let's face it by the time you saved up the points they give you something else is allreadyout that you will want to buy.

I don't want to be given free keys but I would like to see some perks that would let us buy the rare ships, something like 600 c-points to unlock it for one toon so if you want it for all your toons you have to buy them.