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02-10-2012, 03:08 AM
You should lower the price on the skill boosts for xp ... in this form they are nearly useless, they also do not fit in the whole system change. A commendetation skill boost gives yous 10k cxp thats a big part of the cxp you need to max your level and you need many assigments to use the bonus.
But the xp boost is worth 1 or 2 missions and your price for it is 780 cryptic points, thats as much as a few ships you sell. Im not a person who want to critizise high or low prices, but this price does not fit with the rest of the prices when you compare what you get there.
780 cryptic points for the xp of one mission (and you can finish that in 20 min and do not have to make 5 missions to get the whole effect) that can not work.

I hope the person who decides the prices knows a lot about the game and is not only starring at numbers ...