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02-10-2012, 03:23 AM
Originally Posted by timkatje View Post
We, as lifetime subscribers, already paid upfront for the continued development of this game. We didn't pay so that it would go F2P. Now I'm fine with opening the game up for more players via F2P, but we, as Lifetime subscribers should not be subsequently nickel and dimed for every new addition to the game. Again, we already PAID FOR THAT!

Lifetime subscribers should therefore be provided with either a master-master key that is permanently attached to all characters on the account, or the boxes should automatically open for those with Lifetime subscriptions to the game. Period!

I'm perfectly fine paying for special items listed in the C-Store, as I've already probably spent an equal amount in C-Store purchases as I did for my Lifetime subscription. I am NOT OK with having to pay to open loot items that I earn from playing the game, again, a game that we already paid for the continued development of.

And when you come to the conclusion that this is the proper way to treat your lifetime subscribers, especially those who've been around since beta days, you should also refund any of our master key purchases already made.
Why what makes you so special ?!

Please you and all lifers who think this way need to get a grip of yourselfs. I have paid monthly since day one, giving more money too Cryptic than lifers who paid back then and I also spent cash on c-store for those 2 years.

Chances are I've giving Cryptic more money right?

I'm not crying about anything based on my subscription status. No one gives a dam that your a lifer. There are GOLD and there are SILVER. You got your extra bonus for paying lifetime it is in the terms of paying lifetime and Cryptic have no need to continue dishing out extra perks to you.

Do you think you bought shares in the game or something jeeze lol