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02-10-2012, 04:18 AM
Originally Posted by Opaserv View Post
Are any of you who are experiencing this patch lag issue also experiencing the server disconnect issue? If you are, I'll bet they're related, if not, let me know, I've got a few tricks you might be able to try but before I go for now but, have you tested this by disabling any firewalls, security software in general or any other non-necessary software so that we can rule out an interference of any kind?
I didn't have any trouble with this patch, but I do get the disconnects. But when I tried to disable on demand patching to download the whole game, the patching would slow down dramatically at a certain point. Usually after about half an hour. Exit and restart and it's fast again.

Though when it kicks me out of the game, I can't get the launcher to restart for 1-2 minutes. It just can't find the server and times out. (So obviously there is a connection issue between me and the servers, but why? I've never had a problem like this before. Very weird)

Originally Posted by harrogath01
9.2% here and took about 30 mins to get there (23 MB out of 347).

And are only 1 hour and 40 mins till the servers shut down for "maintenance" (TM)

(lolz x10 @ 2 hours daily maintenance, I can almost picture those little manintenance guys crawling between giant CPUs and fans, armed with brushes, always in hurry, always cleaning something, anything... You know, like the yellow lil guys from "Despicable me")

I think that must be something related to Cryptic's way of handling servers. The only other MMORPG I've played with daily 2 hour maintenance is City of Heroes