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02-10-2012, 07:10 AM
The Klis are ferocious and aggressive, so the KDF starships reflect their warlike qualities.
The Bops and the Raptors strike hard a target attacking by surprise after decloaking, while the carriers try to confuse the opposing defenses and draw the enemy fire.
The Fed must learn to defend themselves always together to resist the first alpha strike that is always devastating, and then think about organizing a counteroffensive.
Furthermore, a solitary fed ship is always doomed because it will be destroyed by the bop and raptor wolf pack lurking in the shadows.
Apart from the toy consoles controversy in which I hotly participated, I don't think the Klis are OP, they're just different and they know how to play together effectively.
When the klinguns say that teamwork is essential they're saying the truth, because we fed often don't understand we must defend ourselves together.
Also for me a Bop is like a racehorse and only the best experienced players, I think of Roach, Cryox, AmIdoinitright, Star Dagger, Gripple and others, are able to transform it in a killing machine.
And since I like to play alone I fly only the Defiant or the Dreadnought, so I enjoy ambushing their vessels and avoid being always ganked!