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02-10-2012, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by Maziken
How does this work if you have no idea what the population of STO is? Those messages that pop up on the screen telling everyone who just got a Galor are only representative of the total sample size. You'd have to compare them against the entire STO population in order for them to be meaningful.

It would be a better estimate to just take logs that show that particular individual getting a Galor as well as how many boxes they acquired, etc. Wouldn't it?
We have no way of knowing how many boxes anyone acquired. All we could do would be to put a thread out here and ask people to stop by and voluntarily report that. The self-reported data tends to be a bit less reliable than I would like. I suspect that the way boxes are earned this time would make the data even less reliable.

What I am doing here is simply measuring the rate at which the Galor ships are created. That will work as a metric to assess both server population and lottery box popularity. You won't have an exact number of either, but you will get an idea for how many Galor class ships there are.

The whole point of the exercise this time is to expose roughly how many Galor class ships there are. I want to show that they are not rare by most reasonable standards.