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02-10-2012, 10:00 AM
Alrighty lets give this a try.

Recon Sci Vessel
Foward Weapons: 3x Plasma Torpedo Launchers
Rear Weapons: 1x Beam Array (any), 1 Plasma Mine Launcher, 1 Tricobalt Launcher
Alt Rear: 1x Beam Array (any), 2 Turrets

Device: Standard batteries/etc

Engineering Consoles: Electroceramic Hull Plating, Monotanium Alloy
Science Consoles: Field Generator, Assimilated Module, option of Shield Emitter Amplifier, Particle Generator, Flow Capacitor
Tactical: 3x Ambiplasma Envelope (Plasma Projectile)

Bridge Officer Skills
Lieutenant Tactical: Tactical Team I, Attack Pattern Beta OR Torpedo High Yield.
Ensign Tactical: Tactical Team I
Lieutenant Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields, Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field
Commander Science: Tractor Beam I, Feedback Pulse I OR Photonic Officier, Gravity Well I, Tekken's Rift III
Lieutenant Commander Science: Hazard Emitters I, Transfer Shield Strength I, Photonic Shockwave I OR Tekken's Rift I

The purpose of this build is to deal good consistent damage while providing control and energy drains. Because of this you should have two power settings you switch between, one full auxiliary rest shield for using powers, other full shield rest engine for when you are being focused. Against the high HP stationary targets just chip away with torpedoes while laying a minefield where the enemy ships will path. Against big targets use your innate subsystem targeting abilities along with the rift(s) to keep there energy drained. Do not be afraid to use your abilities simply to do damage against the high HP targets if they will come off cooldown in time. The all torpedoes may seem silly at first, but the [borg] proc and even the plasma dot effect really do add up.