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02-10-2012, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by Kerrus View Post
Yeah, nothing breaks immersion like- *glances at Zone Chat*
Well, I have always just treated any chat features as subspace comm channels.
I can't imagine the "garbage" that Uhura had to filter out on a regular basis.

But those messages about the Galor class ships are pretty annoying.
It would be interesting if it was tied to my friends list.
Especially since I am still new and don't have anyone in my friends list yet.

But why do I care if random AdmiralStinkyBottomXXgtg, who I don't even know,just got a Galor class starship?

I am all for the FTP model of buying keys and stuff, and realize it is probably an "incentive" to make you think your odds of getting one are better, like the lights and alarms on a jackpot slot at a casino.
But it is pretty annoying and immersion breaking nonetheless.