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02-10-2012, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by LewsTelamon001
I never said that the above would stop the computer from shutting off--merely that the above would stop the computer from automatically restarting, thereby actually being able to read the error code that is causing the critical stop. (Critical stop, btw, being a more tech-oriented term for BSOD).

There's a driver crashing somewhere, though...whether STO is causing the crash, though, or something else remains to be seen. I'd suggest a support ticket with dxdiag logs attached so that the Tech Support guys can take a look at some key system information and come up with something.

You also mentioned a new video card in one of your posts--that (or the driver thereof, which may not be playing nice with STO) may also be causing the issue. Again, a dxdiag log would be most helpful for Tech Support.
Yup, yup and yup. After going through this again, it's starting to sound like a conflict of some kind. Since the computer can allegedly perform "fine" until you log into STO, I'm going with the whole display driver conflict thingy =P Course that's just a guess at the point as the symptoms just don't jive. Which means I'm suspecting there's something else that the OP isn't mentioning, didn't bother to mention or didn't think to mention it.