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02-10-2012, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by Roman12291969
I am having the toughest time getting to the correct zone on missions. There is no direct path, and I have to look at both maps just to make sure I'm going in the right direction. Also, i can no longer pay EC to warp to the correct zone. Any help please?
The mission briefing itself doesn't always indicate which Sector Block you needs to travel to.The trick to always finding where you need to go is the green(?) Mission Text that is at the bottom of the Mission Briefing. That will tell you which Sector Block the System is located.

Sector Blocks are the sector space instances that we travel between. Each Sector Block has generally 2-4 sectors which make up the Sector Block. Once you are in the right Sector Block, you can use the Systems tab on the Map window to get a course automatically.

And the Galaxy tab of the Map window is your friend for learning the how to move around. The current sector you are located in will be highlighted. Your location in the sector will be a dot with a caret. The Galaxy tab is the entire "universe" of STO.

The relative locations of each sector block is now you can travel to each block. And the Galaxy map will show you the sectors which are coterminous for each block (i.e. the areas you can travel between the sector blocks). Some Sector Blocks are not located next to one another. Their Travel Paths are indicated by lines on the Galaxy Map.