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02-10-2012, 01:42 PM
I can give you my build, if you're like.

It looks like you went with an LtC Eng for your Universal. If you don't use it as an LtC Sci, you're really missing out as with an Eng, it's basically a Star Cruiser with a lower turn rate. If you would still like to keep your LtC as an Eng, I'd recommend the Assault Cruiser. That extra Tac console will go a long way as to helping your DPS.

Just note that with a Cruiser, you can DPS effectively - but if you're not also actively healing your teammates, you're actually a drain on your team. A Cruiser needs to heal and support teammates, otherwise it's DPS is a waste - you're not doing as much damage as an Escort nor are you providing the benefit a Sci or 'standard' Cruiser would.

I'm Unknown Entity in this screenshot. You should be able to extrapolate my build from it. If you're got any questions, feel free to ask.