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02-10-2012, 02:01 PM
The OP's idea of a "reasonable discussion" apparently is wholehearted agreement with him or else shut up, he can't be bothered to listen. This is the biggest problem facing PVP nubs in this game. They have no idea just how much they don't know.
A good cruiser pilot will kill 90% of good escort pilots in a 1 on 1 if the escorts don't decide to just evasive away from the fight when it starts going bad. By a good pilot i mean one that understands game mechanics well enough to know that mines, jam sensors & boarding parties are useless in PVP. A good cruiser pilot is one who chooses his Boff abilities wisely, & knows how to read his opponents buff bar. He or She knows when to hunker down into tank mode, & when to go offensive because his opponent has swung & missed, He uses his tractor beam to grab an escort when the escorts Attack patters are on cool down, & when the escort is facing his heavy weapons away from him. Experience teaches PVPers this combat awareness. You cannot expect that your 15 hours of experience playing STO is going to make you the equal of someone with 3000+ hours of time PVPing. This isn't Pong we're playing here.
My Main engi has over 52 DAYS of game time played on it. That is over 1200 hours on that 1 toon alone.& the only thing i do is PVP. (although since S5 i've run some STF's also. Most PVPers Don't PVE, because once you understand the games mechanics, It's so painfully easy that it bores us to death).
& there are PVPers out there with twice my experience.
Until & unless Cryptic institutes some kind of ranking system for PVP, when you Que up you could be up against someone in their very first match, or someone in their 10000th. Often both.
Don't give up, pay attention, & respectfully ask the Captain who just swatted you like a fly how he did it, & you might just learn something.
You have to learn to leave your ego outside the arena while learning the ins & outs of PVP. There will always be someone better than you. Always.
Remember that this is just a game, It's supposed to be fun.
As a wise man says, have fun, kill bad guys.
Klingons are not OP.
woops, i was reading the An escort killed 3 cruisers at once thread, then this one, & i only got 4 hours of sleep last night, & kinda blurred my answers to both threads into this one.