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02-10-2012, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by ChibiQ
the CXP ones are not the only new ones, the changed the 1 hour and 8 hour xp boosts aswell.
But I agree with you on the CXP. I think they will have far greater value to people then the Skill XP ones.
Indeed. What irritates me, though, is they felt the need to put buttons to go to the C-store and buy both right in the main interface on the XP bar. Why not put the CXP one in the Doff windows along with the rest of the Doff C-Store stuff, and not bother with the Skill boosters at all. I mean, between story missions, Patrols, Explores, and the existing Bonus XP things like the Borg Invasions not to mention all the boosters that drop during special events in the first place (I literally have a half-dozen sitting on my legacy character as it is, it's rediculously easy to level--I heard someone in-game mention getting from fresh character to VA in 4 days--is that the record? If they're concerned about leveling *still* being too slow, they might as well have you buy VA from the store and have done with it. :-/