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02-10-2012, 04:38 PM
One tip about selling items:

You get more if you sell them to a vendor than you do if you just recycle them with your replicator. When you recycle using your ship's replicator, I think you only get about 20% of the value of the item (as listed in the tooltip). If you sell to a vendor, you get 50% of the value.

This is really negligible when it comes to things like food, batteries, hypos. It is really noticeable when it comes to things like ship engines, deflectors, and other components. Selling to a vendor can get you an extra 10-20k for certain items that are very valuable. All those little increases save up over time.

Typically, I recycle all the "junk" I pick up, and try to save the bigger ticket items to sell to a vendor after the mission.