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02-10-2012, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by Aevn
If it is Dax, I doubt it will be a Dax we know...
Because of actor likeness rights, it will definitely not be Erzi Dax.

ETA: "Old Man" is a common slang term for the commanding officer. It might be a bit too biting to apply it to, say, Admiral Leonard McCoy, but it would not be unusual for someone in Sisko's command to refer to *him* as 'the Old Man.' Though not directly, of course. So 'old man' could refer to anyone.

I think the likely explanation is O'Brien, who is apparently now head of the SCE, and could certainly be called 'Old Man' by his people.

.. Man, I wonder how Smiler feels about what happened to his Mirror counterpart?