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02-10-2012, 05:51 PM
Well you were talking to me as tho you had not a clue as to what i was discussing. So i tried to convey it in a way that came across easiest for you.

As for the on and off photos. That looks like a dirty hack to get lit windows. What would be alot better and what most do is to use a glow map on a lit as in texture lit window which the glow would enhance the look of the lit window. There shouldn't be a off version. This is one way most modders would do, cryptic went a different way which looks poor imo its like nav lights half stuck in the holes to me lol. Not your problem i know im just discussing lit windows the way i thought would look alot nicer because as it stands i dont see the proper way of lit windows i.e there too dull and there not textured whites with a glow map to enhance the effect but instead something else like i said that looks like nav lights half in the model in the holes where the window is. Still it was a long shot that anything would change but it was nice to discuss as i do like models and textures look as good as possible.

They might look better if whatever is used to get the white bits was bumped in brightness.

Btw did you notice the lack of windows on the inner rim of the outer ring on the sto model?

And while it is me bringing this up i would think almost any trek fan would probably approve of the suggestion.

As for the photos of the studio model that is cryptics interpretation of the color of the model. But i would guess due to the bad quality of color in them pics that it gives a false impression of a tan which then would if a better source was obtained would show it better that it was more of a dark grey than light tan. Look on the show, all trek games with ds9 in and you would see why the majority has it portrayed as dark grey. Of course that is just my opinion but i think others would agree.

Oh here is a studio model shot which shows it more grey imo of course and of better quality than screenies provided.

I understand alot of these are nitpicks and that probably wont change just because i bring this up but nice to know that you popped by and replied and had a chat about it. Thanks.

Sorry if i come across a bit direct its just my way sometimes. Especially when trek is involved and it involves things i have experience with like models and texturing and effects as been doing it since around 1999. Your probably the same, never a finished thing modeling and texturing is it lol.

At the end of the day i was just pointing you to a few bits i thought could be touched up for accuracy to the shows model that is all. Wont bother you more with it as nothing else to say really.

Edit - 1 thing i did notice that the windows you show are different to ones i see a bit, maybe its with tweaks that is coming up for the FE series im not sure. Btw i tried adjusting bloom strength ingame and they dont effect the ds9 windows much compared to say the glows on my defiant like the blue bits on the back of the nacelles or the blue circle things on top of the defiant which i would have thought would do something to the windows as much i think few of the windows did slightly change but nothing really of noteworthy. For comparison i tried to get as close as you did. Your picture for the On photo does look alot nicer than what is currently viewable to me tho so even if that is a small change it is welcome. Looking forward to the lighting and window changes from you "on" picture when they get to holodeck.