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02-10-2012, 06:19 PM
Thanks Forjo it is what im talking about.

Edit - Hmm disabled F lux and the white shows nicer instead of yellowy brown now, still not really glowing to me but the lights at least look a bit more white now. Also ds9 looks a bit more grey now but still has a awful tan on it imo.

So im sorry for what was said before, whilst its true what i said in most part but some part was because i use F lux which effects the monitor at night so its easier on the eyes.. But the problems still remain just say 20-30% not as bad due to F lux adjusting the color temperature of the monitor as night comes.

Still think the windows just look like textures tho and not nice bold bright white windows with light coming out of them. I.e doesn't glow or glow not on as strong as it should be or expanding as far as it should be.