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02-10-2012, 07:08 PM
I took a BUNCH of screenshots and did some moving around.

It looks like the windows actually might have some kind of reflection map -- they change depending on the camera angle. This is especially visible in this shot.

Now compare it to this shot where I rotate the camera around.

Same lights, different glow. And they do glow, but only up close at a certain angle. When I rotate around the other way, it's still up close, but no glow.

My Odyssey is there for comparison. The windows and nacelles clearly show what a glow map should look like.

Here are the rest of my shots:

Also, I just noticed there a BIG difference between the lights on the core ring and the middle ring. The core ones are white and don't change with camera angle. The appear to be "right".

Can you do anything about it?