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02-10-2012, 08:10 PM
I already have three Klink toons (well five technically), one of each career, two of which have access to battle cruisers, carriers, BoP's and raptors. The ships handle so much better and are so superior it's insane. The only time I find there is any difficulty is when the opposing team is a premade. Even then, it can be a walkover. In fact that's why I stopped playing KDF so much, it's just so easy. No wonder I don't see any of the good Fed PvP regulars in FvK.

Negh'Var - Same BO stations as a Gal-R, way better turnrate, can equip dual heavy cannons, cloak, has more tact consoles then a Gal-R. So, way superior to the Gal-R, but still an RA ship that doesn't cost C-points.

Vorcha Refit - My personal favourite ship, but it's still unbalanced. Same BO stations as an assault cruiser, vastly superior turn rate compared to any T5 cruiser, can equip dual heavy cannons and has little problem maintaining target even when it's a good player escort, can cloak. The slightly lower hull HP is meaningless to any good tanker and I find I can easily deal damage and tank without much effort.

BoP - Meant for hit and runs due to thin shields, but equipped correctly they can be as tanky as any escort, if not more so.

Raptors - Nothing really to say here as it's rather balanced (even without the defiant class).

Carriers - Lordy, where do I begin. Super thick shields, high hull, good breadth of tanking abilities. Fighters, BoP's, syphons and drones that spawn as soon as you finish off the last bunch. Tachyon drones and power syphons will render most ships impotent. All this while at the same time your trying to fend off other ships. Less said about the Aceton field and tricobalt spewing frigates the better. The Negh'var and Vor'cha refit? Forget them, they are well and truly balanced in comparison to this type. Fight a team with just one and you have a chance, more then that though and you are screwed (unless the carrier captain is second rate at tanking and there are some). The only problem I found when flying them is they take a whole map to turn when flown conventionally, but then you let your fighters and drones do most of the hard work.

Then there's the P2W consoles and equipment. It's bad enough the Feds have AMS, but it's nothing in comparison to vent theta radiation, aceton assimilators etc. Yes I can avoid theta (cruisers aren't so lucky), but it won't save me from the next BoP covering me in the stuff as soon as my APO runs out.

Battle cruisers and Bird of Preys I can just about forgive. I do wish fed cruisers generally had the same punch as the battle cruisers though. The Carriers and abundance of overpowered P2W equipment on the otherhand...