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02-10-2012, 09:43 PM
Originally Posted by RCO
you want gear to only able to get via pvp to be better then anything else. How do you expect people to take part when they first start out?

Know had you said gear equal to STF I say go for but not this I win stuff you want.
It wouldn't provide a massive advantage over people using other gear. Like now, if you're just casually pugging or whatever, you'll do fine with Borg or Aegis. But when you step up to premades and pugmades, having 3 piece Borg + MACO really helps out.

But, you're right - maybe it does make sense to have it on an equivalent level to STF gear. I thought it would go along with Cryptic's state philosophy to make it better, but I suppose there are complications with that. I've editted the OP. People in STFs with Aegis/standard gear aren't directly competing against those with fully Mk XII'd people like they would in PvP