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02-10-2012, 08:45 PM
Originally Posted by shadowjoesmith
I have a logitech attack3 joystick that i would like to use to play this game..i would like to use it to fly my ship,fire all weapons and engage my engines..i do not know anything about key binding or understand it..i did download the logitech profiler and followed it's the game under key bindings i used the space bar to fire all weapons then on the profiler i set that to push the space bar, but it does not work..if anyone knows how to do this can u please help me..i have read all the post in the forum i could find, but still do not understand how to make this stupid joy stick work for this game...ty for your time
I have the very same controller... and have some input for you as well. I don't know how much memory or processing power it takes for one of those profilers, but, I did make a "translation matrix" in text form, that translates the game's XBox button config for the Attack 3. I figured it out with some time, and found even though a few buttons register as different numbers to the game, it works all the same when bound.

BTW... make sure you have the region drop menu on Space, or simply be IN space while binding.

Joy Button - Xbox - (Game Designation)

1 - Ab
2 - Bb
3 - Xb (11)
4 - yb (12)
5 - Lb
6 - Rb
7 - Ltrigger
8 - Rtrigger
9 - Rstick (4) - I did reassign Right Stick using the controller options in the game menu to button 9
10- Lstick (3) - I did reassign Left Stick using the controller options in the game menu to button 10

(Xb reads as Joy11 but is physically button 3)
(Yb reads as Joy12 but is physically button 4)

(Lstick reads as Joy3 but initially assigned to button 11)
(Rstick reads as Joy4 but initially has no assigned key)

To bind the buttons, go to the chat menu and type in the key bind commands... I will type out the commands as I did in game to configure my stick. You can try it with my config, or sub for your own.

The Formula: /bind (command) Ab (example button) GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers (game code)

Can also just copy and paste instead of

Fire All Phasers, type:
/bind Ab GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers

Fire All Torpedoes, type:
/bind Xb GenSendMessage HUD_Root FireTorps

Fire All Weapons, type:
/bind GenSendMessage HUD_Root FireAll

Throttle Forward, type:
/bind Rb throttleadjust .25

Throttle Back, type:
/bind Ltrigger throttleadjust -.25

Throttle Toggle, type:
/bind Rtrigger throttletoggle

And for Space skill tray row 2, I assigned these buttons and placed my most used skills into the slots reassigned to the joystick's buttons 4, 5 and 10. (the actual buttons mind you.)

Skill Tray Second Row #1, type:
/bind Yb UseTraySlot1 0

Skill Tray Second Row #2, type:
/bind Lb UseTraySlot1 1

Skill Tray Second Row #3, type:
/bind Lstick UseTraySlot1 2

I hope this was comprehensive to you, and can save you some processor power, to use the game binds directly.