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# 1 Rate my fleet escort?
02-10-2012, 11:14 PM
Hey all, looking for feedback on my Fleet escort PVP wise, saddly I lack anything super special on it like C store consoles and such.


3x Plasma dual cannons MK XI [Acc]x2 [Dmg]
1x Plasma Torpedo XI [crt]x3

3x Plasma Turret MKII [Acc] [Crt] [Borg] ((I know, saving up for the normal turrets, but using what I got.))

Assimilated Deflector Array

Assimilated transwarp engines

M.A.C.O Resilient shield array MK XI

Scorpion fighters
Subspace Field modulator

Engineering Consoles.
RCS excelorator MKX (32% flight turn rate)
Monotanium alloy MK X (35% kinetic damage resist.)
Ablative hull armor MX XI (26% resist to phaser disruptor plasma tet)

Science Consoles
Assimilated Modual
Field Genorator MK XI (35% Maximum shield compacity)

Tactical Consoles
3X Plasma infuser MK XI (26% plasma energy damage)
1X Anti-plasma envelope MK X (26% plasma projectile damage)


Tac]]] Torpedo Spread 1 ][Tac team 2 ][ Cannon rapid fire 2 ][ Attack Pattern Omega 3]]]

Tac]]] Torpedo High Yield 1 ][ Tac team 2 ][ Cannon Rapid Fire 2]]]

Eng]]] Emergency power to shields ][ Reverse shield polarity

Eng]]] Engineering Team 1

Sci]]] Mask Energy signature 1 ][ Hazard emmiters
(For some reason Mask energy sig is giving my fleet escort a 49k stealth buff instead of the 4k mentioned. The reason I use it.)

Hope this is a decent idea of my ships build. Any constructive feedback would be epic, i'm only a month or so old in game and attempting to work out the best build for what I think is extremely fun PVP.