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# 5 My standard build
02-10-2012, 11:20 PM
I run the long range retrofit.

in front i run dual phasers no kintetic weapons.

in the rear i run 2 turrets and a mine launcher(tractor beams)

Tac LT I run security team 1 and dispersal beta 1

Lt Engineering I run emerg shields and Aux to Structural integrity

Lt Comm Sci I run tachyon beam 1 Hazzard emitters 2 and science team 3

Ensign sci i run Transfer shield str 1

Commander sci I run polarize 1. Tractor 2, transfer shield 3, and tractor repulsors 3

The reasoning behind my set up should be pretty clear. I am a healer, shield healer and a CC ship.

I try to weaken them and keep the shields up on my allies while using the CC on elite stf's ...

the build has no real weakness other then being a squishy sci vessel. I run my aux at aprox 85 and the rest to weapons...I do shift to full aux when i heal if i feel pressed .

This build allows me to solo play on elite and stf's with no issues and my CC comes in handy.

One or 2 changes from gravity well to tyken and i can hopefully shut down some shields and cause mayhem there too.