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02-11-2012, 02:09 AM
in Elite STFs:

Cruiser's can't heal (ships that explode instantly can't be healed !!! )

Cruiser's can't do enough DPS (because of the stupid BOff layout, 2 low level TAC BOff slots is NOTHING, let's ignore the oddysey for a second and think Sovereign and Galaxy Classes), if you have 3-4 Cruisers in an STF you will loose the DPS race against the Optional Timer every single time, oh sure you can *complete* the mission but you just aren't fast enough for the optional.

Cruiser's can't Tank over duration because they die *almost* as easy against the one shots, so Cryptic you can keep your Threat Generation, i still have better chances to heal the Escorts (that not get hit by the one shots but by normal damage) than to heal myself for a minute after ONE of those one shots.

And personally i never liked SCI ships either, or high level SCI space abilities for that matter.
My SCI Char is sitting in an MVAM Prometheus, doing good damage, and producing nice PvE pet spam with MVAM + Holo Ships, also i can use Tractor Beam repulsors to push back any Probe Spame.
And btw. i am using 3 Dual Beam Banks in front and 2 Beam Arrays in the back + BFAW + BO3.

If the one shot cubes shoot down my NPC pet spam, the players are still around to shoot the Cube too.

KDF Carriers aren't half bad either, didn't fly one yet myself, but it makes sense to stay out of range of the Elite TAC Cube and only send in your NPC spam, out of range you can easily throw all your heals at the Escort players without fearing to get hit yourself (as long as they stay in range at least).