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02-11-2012, 01:12 AM
On top of replacing plasma weapons I suggest the following:-

Get rid of attack pattern omega 3 and replace it with cannon rapid fire 3. While it won't boost your torp damage, it will increase your cannon damage far more then omega will.

Then replace one of the duplicated cannon rapid fire skills with attack pattern omega 1, for escaping and such.

Personally I'd be inclined to replace the engineering team with emergency power to shields, that way you can keep your shield resistance high. In battle cycling tact teams is more likely to save your life then having a gap while you heal yourself. You should be able to shield tank more and take less damage, with hazard emitters and the borg proc making up for it.

Get rid of masked energy signature. It's useful against NPCs but a good portion of non sci-ships will detect you easily. Replace with polarize hull or sci-team.

As for weapon type, it doesn't matter too much.