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After yesterday matches I started to think about joining OPVP.

Now, my main toon (and preferred play style) is healer. Clean, straight (like good vodka ) healer. Nothing else in there. Could someone throw a look at my build and tell me if I am doing it right? In PUGs I can keep escorts and scis alive pretty well, but OPVP sounds more dangerous so I would like to check it.

Here is my toon from skillplanner:

There are some leftovers from times when I tried a DPS on Sovereign, I need to grind some dilithium and buy respec token to get rid of few weapon skills.

And here my ship:

Weapons: Phasers 4x Mk XI [Acc][Dmg]x2, Mk X [CtrH]x2, Mk X [CtrD]x2, 2x Photon torpedoes Mk X [CtrD][Dmg]
Deflector: Positron Deflector Array Mk XII [ShdS][Ins]
Impulse Engines: Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII [Spd][Turn]
Shield Array: Regenerative Mk XII blue [Ap][Reg] (grinding ECs to buy Mk XII [Reg]x2 or x3)

Eng consoles: Diburnium Mk XII, Parametalic Mk XII (green), 2x SIF generator Mk X (blue)
Sci consoles: Power Insulator, hield Amplifier, Inertial Dampener - all Mk X (blue)
Tac consoles: 2xPhaser Mk X (blue)