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02-11-2012, 02:56 AM
Tier 1 play - from level 1 to 10 - is viable in a shuttle. Back when I was testing Season 5 over on Tribble, my test character purchased and used the Peregrine fighter to fly around and accomplish mission objectives. You have a smaller margin of error and you will be playing at an handicap, but it can be both doable and enjoyable.

The Delta Flyer is a good craft, nearly as good as one of the Starter Vessels and fairly nimble in its own right. If I was going to do this myself, I'd go over Earth Space Dock the first time I got there, claim the Delta class shuttle for myself, then pry off its phaser beam array! Discharge the shuttle, then claim it again and use the beam array-S I obtained previously to replace the torpedo launcher. Torpedo launchers on shuttle don't seem all that much worth it to me.

Then flit around, zap the opposition... and try to pack up on some good recovery powers: they'll help you survive.

BUT - if the goal is just to breeze through the first 10 levels... you're probably better off with the NX class.