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02-11-2012, 02:19 AM
I am just sorry you viewed me as coming across as "the wtf fix it" person, when as you said which you were right im the "hey devs i noticed a few things, here is what i think, do you agree at all" kinda thing. As you basically used in them 2 hypothetical quotes.

I try to post politely and thought i had done a good constructive criticism posting here but i guess that did not come across as well as i thought i had done.

Wires crossed and all im glad you see i was just trying to bring up some niggles which i thought could use some touch ups and while i knew u were working on ds9 touch ups i thought now would be the best time to bring them to your attention thats all really. Never wanted to come across as someone who demanded fixes just the knowledge that the suggestion was heard is enough.

Now lets all have a group hug.

Btw Tumerboy. Do you have a website of your own showing off past work like logan does, would be interested in seeing past work as i do love 3d art. Especially renders of cool scenes.