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02-11-2012, 03:25 AM
TBH, this isn't that bad of a nerf, and actually works out well for those of us who repeat the non-combat missions from the first two FE's. Now, I don't have to scoff at the fact that the timer on my boost is continually dwindling as I travel between Drozana and Revah II and back. I also don't have to keep logging out because there's 12 minutes left on the "Spin the Wheel" cooldown. I say good job Cryptic.

Now I have two questions. Can we have a way to convert the old boosts to the new format?

If not, can you make the 8 hour boosts "Bind to Account?" I have an 8 hr. on my VA just collecting dust, and would like to send it to one of my alts.