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02-11-2012, 03:29 AM
Originally Posted by zarathos1978
After yesterday matches I started to think about joining OPVP.

Now, my main toon (and preferred play style) is healer. Clean, straight (like good vodka ) healer. Nothing else in there. Could someone throw a look at my build and tell me if I am doing it right? In PUGs I can keep escorts and scis alive pretty well, but OPVP sounds more dangerous so I would like to check it.

Here is my toon from skillplanner:

There are some leftovers from times when I tried a DPS on Sovereign, I need to grind some dilithium and buy respec token to get rid of few weapon skills.

And here my ship:

Weapons: Phasers 4x Mk XI [Acc][Dmg]x2, Mk X [CtrH]x2, Mk X [CtrD]x2, 2x Photon torpedoes Mk X [CtrD][Dmg]
Deflector: Positron Deflector Array Mk XII [ShdS][Ins]
Impulse Engines: Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII [Spd][Turn]
Shield Array: Regenerative Mk XII blue [Ap][Reg] (grinding ECs to buy Mk XII [Reg]x2 or x3)

Eng consoles: Diburnium Mk XII, Parametalic Mk XII (green), 2x SIF generator Mk X (blue)
Sci consoles: Power Insulator, hield Amplifier, Inertial Dampener - all Mk X (blue)
Tac consoles: 2xPhaser Mk X (blue)
Looks decent, but drop the shields for some covariant, or better yet, get MACO. A Borg set also has terrific regen properties, if you insist on regen. If nothing else, get the borg engines, deflector and console for the 3 set bonus. I'd make those your number one priority. Use Quantum torps as well. Photons are for spending time on target, and cruisers usually aren't on target that much. You want the burst from Q torps. Or throw on some more beams.

Regen shields will just get you killed in PvP, cause in the time that it'll take your shields to tick once every 6 seconds, you could be dead. Rely on your EPtS, sci team, TSS, and engy class skills for regen. A few thousand shield HP could save you from death as a buffer.

Boff wise looks good, but the Aux to dampeners will interfere with your Aux to SIF. Some like dampeners, but I don't, although I sometimes play with it. Not really much else to put in there, cept for another emergency power.

On the Doff side of things, get some maintenance engineers to get your Teams cooldown near 15 seconds, and you can drop the extra Tac team.

Skill side of things, ya you could drop the weapon specialization like you said. Get Starship manuevers. Also, I'm leery about putting 9 points in most skills. 6 points gives you about 85% of the total skill. But I did max shield systems, shield emitters, and a few others. Up to you in that regard. It allows you to spread a lot more points around, specially in sci stuff, but if you never use those, eh, no point I guess.