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iirc the NX has an additional tac console over the miranda. Anyways it's a starter ship, you can't really expect a huge performance boost...

Originally Posted by atemporal View Post
I want to spice things up on my new alt that I'm making. Is the NX class or the Delta Flyer superior for that level?

Overall I'd say: If you felt the lt missions too easy, go for the Delta Flyer, it will increase the challenge. However if you just want to go fast through the early levels none of the ships is a huge improvement and I would suggest you to save your cpoints for later.

If you want one anyways go for:
- the TOS Enterprise for your alt if you felt to blow up too easily in the miranda.
- the NX if you want a minor increase in firepower due to the additional tac console.

All three ships come with more or less interesting long term perspecitves:
-Delta Flyier: Best shuttle, will be an asset in the shuttle mission contained in the Romulan/Reman Arc; and whenever you feel about using a shuttle.
- NX: The Grappler console can be equipped on any ship you acquire later. It's basically trading a console slot for a special animation tractor beam with long cooldown.
-TOS Enterprise: Allows you to get an infinitive amount of retro phasers that level with you. If you'd go with beam weapons you wont have to worry about weapons until you reach endgame.