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02-11-2012, 04:18 AM
Guess I can contribute 1 of my sci ship builds. This is with a tactical captain, but will obviously work with a sci too. Not PvP approved, solely STFs/PvE.

Ship: Recon
Weapons (front): 2xDBB / 1xQuantum Torp
Weapons (aft): 2xTurrets / 1xPlasma Mine Launcher
- the plasma mines with [Borg] work quite well, but can be replaced with another turret

Devices: Weapons Batteries / Aux Batteries / Subspace Field Modulator
- 1 of the batteries can be replaced by Engine Batteries or whatever, but this allows to always have both max weapons and auxiliary power during STFs when needed (whitout having to shift power in the middle of a fight)

Tac Team 1 / High Yield 2
Beam Overload 1
- can be altered to APBeta 1 and High Yield 1, but I like the additional BO 1

EPtS 1 / EPtS 2

Polarize Hull 1 / Science Team 2 / Hazard Emitters 3 / Gravity Well 3
Tractor Beam 1 / Repulsors 1 / Transfer Shield Strength 3 / (Tykens Rift 3)
- mainly Grav Well as primary power, just switch officers if you need a power drain
- when Transfer Shield Strength 3 is not available, go with 2 and Repulsors 2 instead

Intended use is simple.Focus on forward damage which allows to use all weapons the same time and stay in the limited arc for Grav Well. When Grav Well is on cooldown the enemy can be hold with the Tractor Beam or pushed with the Repulsors (while still all weapons shoot the enemy). Tactical captain abilities are a great addition and work for both Grav Well and Repulsors. The Recon turns fast enough (even faster with APAlpha running), so no problems here.