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02-11-2012, 03:39 AM
Originally Posted by aceblunt
Hi, thanks for the reply. I did actually see that piece of writing, however, it doesn't actually answer my question. In fact it was what made me ask the question.

Is the ship in a box, which is then inside the lockbox? In which case I would imagine it could be obtained by any level, but not used until 40.

It doesn't say where the game determines the contents of the box. (not that i expoect it to) but it makes a big difference. If i farmed loads of lock boxes, then just sat on them until 40, then opened them, where it a case of them determining what is in the box when I recieved it, there would be no way to get a ship from it. But if it determines the contents when the box is opened, then it would be worth saving ome for 40.

This all basically boils down to the question, is it possible to get a ship before 40, and keep it in your inventory?
Let me put it this way you are not suppoast to even be able to open the boxes b4 level 40 so if i was you i would just farm them and sit on them till level 40