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02-11-2012, 06:04 AM
It looks like you're using the Odyssey?

If you're not using the Universal LtC for a Sci BO, you're missing out. All you have is a Star Cruiser with a lower turn rate. I'd be happy to give you my LtC Sci-based Oddy build; I've found great success with it.

A few nitpicks with your build though:
- You've got wayyyy too many Teams. I run with 3 myself, but 4 is just overkill. Like Otheym said, use a few Maintenance Engineers to get your CDs down to ~15 seconds. I do that on my Odyssey, and it lets me cycle 1 TacTeam perfectly. And in combination with my shield heals/Hazards/Aux to SIF, I VERY rarely touch my EngTeam.

- Aux to ID clashes with Aux to SIF, however, if you're using it to protect yourself from stuns/repels while you're using Extend, perfect! Just don't pop it willy nilly to bump up your turn rate.

- Swap your Lt Sci abilties. You want Hazard 1 and TSS 2. Shield healing is far more valuable and you've already got a decent chunk of hull healing already coming from your Aux to SIF and EngTeam. You won't notice much loss of healing dropping from Hazard 2 to 1, but you'll notice a lot bigger benefit going from TSS 1 to 2.

- For gear, I'd highly recommend going with 3 pieces of the Borg set and the MACO shields.

And just as a general note; You can run 100 Weapons Power, do excellent DPS, and still heal 100% of the time. Sure, you won't be killing people left and right, but you'll be supporting your team with high support damage. You don't even have to actively try and hunt people down. Just tab around, find someone in your range, and let them have it with your weapons while you keep your eye on your teammates. Even better yet, you can target through an Escort and provide them with support fire. Here's a screenshot of my Eng/Odyssey (Unknown Entity) doing just that.

Originally Posted by Otheym81 View Post
Regen shields will just get you killed in PvP, cause in the time that it'll take your shields to tick once every 6 seconds, you could be dead. Rely on your EPtS, sci team, TSS, and engy class skills for regen. A few thousand shield HP could save you from death as a buffer.
I'd actually disagree on that - if you're running high shield power via EPtS, the natural shield resistance and EPtS boost won't make your Regens as squishy as you'd think. They're also great at, obviously, regenerating themselves. I ran with them for a while and kind of enjoyed them. The key is to constantly be distributing your shields, whether you're under attack or not. If you are going to use a Regen, you have to use the Borg ones; they're far better than all of the others.

But, MACO is still > everything else.