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02-11-2012, 06:32 AM
Yeah well im running a GTX560 Ti .

odd thing even If it is only CPU PHYSX!! it aint even working right, As you turn on Physx Indicator NCP & it dont show cpu or gpu physx is on..
Even if i go into Nvidia Control Panel And Force Either GPU or CPU Physx it dont show either is Working

Is there anyway To properly Utilize These Physx Abilties Proper on my card like GPU physx.
As the way it is ingame there is NOT enough debris From explosions
Not Enough Bedris on planets like leaves & moving grass!

I already did alot of testing with the Debris Slider ingame
But even if you go into The Gameprefs Config file you can manualy Set the Slider Upto
999 - Debris instead of the 200 Max ingame..

But it dont seem to make a difference why i think it is locked to such a low amount of debris like 200 pieces Due to Slower Comps.
I WANT MORE & it's so much more realistic (if quantum mortar leaves near 1,000 debris instead of 200)

We would all be in a better place if 13 years ago ATI Excepted to put Physx on there Cards (They were offered it for Free By Nvidia Originally, but ATI refused the Much needed Help.. & They Still Need that help.