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02-11-2012, 06:33 AM
  • Not enough survivability.
    • Double up on EP2S.
      • DEM is more or less worthless, even on cannons.
      • The second EP2S will give 100% uptime, and I suspect 100% 110-125 SHI power for you.
    • Maco 2/3pc is disappointing at the best, IMHO. Go with Borg 2/3PC with Maco Shield.
      • 2pc:
        +10 Starship Hull Repair
        +35% Health Regeneration
        2% Chance when Receiving All Damage:
        +440% Regen Rate ~10s
        Reduces damage to hull by ??% ~10s
        60s ICD

        Sounds odd, but it's a heal proc that'll tick for ~1400 a second.
      • 3pc:
        10% Chance w/Shield facing <20%
        +110% Shield Regen ~10s
        Reduces damage to shields by ??% ~10s
        Clenses Hazard Debuffs every .5s ~15s
        Unknown ICD (45-60s)

        Usually enough to pop shields back upto 70% or full depending on shield power, and acts as a Hazard Emitter without procing the GCD on PH and HE themselves.
    • Bump up engine power slightly. Can maintain 70-80% defense on most escort builds.
    • RCS On an escort is more or less a moot point, they turn fast enough as it is to deal with almost anything in an STF anyways.
    • Consider replacing one of the engi skills with Polarize hull for anti-tractor protection.
      • Two instances of APO will never properly maintain 100% uptime.
      • If you're using them for damage aspects, APB is a far superior skill.
      • One should not need 100% tractor resistance uptime if they know what they're doing.
      • HE and PH share 15s GCD though. However, with such a shield-centric build, you shouldn't run into too many instances where you'll need both PH and HE running at the same time. PH gives a huge hull damage resistance at higher aux anyways, so even if you are getting pounded, it wont hurt nearly as much.
  • Offence is a little off of you change things out from above.
    • If you do decide to switch to PH and APB, I suggest going TT1, APB1, BO3, CRF3 || TT1 ABP1, CRF2
      • APB does increase in effectiveness with level, but not as much as some other skills.
      • CRF has a much better scaling in this instance than APB does, and should be exploited.
    • As weary as I am against BO3 on an escort with other high-drain weapons, the EPS consoles and weapon batteries should be enough compensation for the drain, if you're careful with it.
  • Other little nitpickings
    • I'd personally like to see some more damage resist consoles in the engineering slots and sacrificing that BO3 in terms of greater survivability, if for whatever reason your shields drop, that thing's got about as much hull durability as a -50 cube with a chronic exploding problem.
    • Focused a bit too much on outright solo damage. STF's are a team-support/survival thing. Not a 'I ****in' break ****' damage race. I know escorts are good at blowing things up, but they're also as notoriously good at getting blown up.