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Originally Posted by WereDragon View Post
Hey all, looking for feedback on my Fleet escort PVP wise, saddly I lack anything super special on it like C store consoles and such.


3x Plasma dual cannons MK XI [Acc]x2 [Dmg]
1x Plasma Torpedo XI [crt]x3

3x Plasma Turret MKII [Acc] [Crt] [Borg] ((I know, saving up for the normal turrets, but using what I got.))

Assimilated Deflector Array

Assimilated transwarp engines

M.A.C.O Resilient shield array MK XI

Scorpion fighters
Subspace Field modulator

Engineering Consoles.
RCS excelorator MKX (32% flight turn rate)
Monotanium alloy MK X (35% kinetic damage resist.)
Ablative hull armor MX XI (26% resist to phaser disruptor plasma tet)

Science Consoles
Assimilated Modual
Field Genorator MK XI (35% Maximum shield compacity)

Tactical Consoles
3X Plasma infuser MK XI (26% plasma energy damage)
1X Anti-plasma envelope MK X (26% plasma projectile damage)


Tac]]] Torpedo Spread 1 ][Tac team 2 ][ Cannon rapid fire 2 ][ Attack Pattern Omega 3]]]

Tac]]] Torpedo High Yield 1 ][ Tac team 2 ][ Cannon Rapid Fire 2]]]

Eng]]] Emergency power to shields ][ Reverse shield polarity

Eng]]] Engineering Team 1

Sci]]] Mask Energy signature 1 ][ Hazard emmiters
(For some reason Mask energy sig is giving my fleet escort a 49k stealth buff instead of the 4k mentioned. The reason I use it.)

Hope this is a decent idea of my ships build. Any constructive feedback would be epic, i'm only a month or so old in game and attempting to work out the best build for what I think is extremely fun PVP.
First and foremost get rid of the Plasma weapons. As awesome as plasma looks, unfortunately everyone and their cousin now has a 20 percent resist to them at minimum thanks to the stupid Borg, Maco, Omega and Klink Honor guard. I would move over to Tetryon, Phaser, or Anti Proton.

I would also strongly consider nixing the Plas torp in favor of a photon launcher or a quantum. Plas Torps can fry yourself, and are heinously unreliable weapons in pvp due to the large number of area of effect attacks. It pains me to say that... I used to roll plasma and I still miss the 90k crits it could make every 15 secs... but they hardly ever reach target now... or they can explode you and leave the target alive... I took 57k from one once, and my target took a whopping 5k. Cryptic really screwed the pooch on that one.

For weapon properties I'm really fond of Acc, Crth HX2 or Acc X2 Crt H
For torps CrtDX2 CrtH or CrtH X2 CrtD is incredibly sexy

I would change out monotanium for a shield power console (yes it's only 3.5 shield power but that is over 12 percent shield regen and can mean an extra 2 percent shield resistance depending on how your shield power ends up)

Neutronium armor is abit better than the other armor you have.

Go four Energy Consoles. Yes you have a torp but trust me. Torps do amazing damage without a warhead or torp console. I'm still 30king people regularly with my quantum. And as an added bonus it will give you just abit more DPS to bring shields down... so you can sling torps more often.

Change Tac Team2s down to 1. Upgrade Torpedo Highyield 1 to 2. Same with Torp Spread. As an alternate load out if you are a tac you can ditch one tac team, and roll THY2 and Torp Spread 1, a CRF1 and an attack pattern Delta2 in place of the second CRF2. This gives you alot more hull resistance, and debuffs targets that are shooting you. You can also throw it to an ally as needed.

You can also try CRF3, Two Attack Pattern Omega1s, CRF1, Tac Team, Torp High Yield 1 and 2. This with the aux to ID gives you total stun and repel immunity if you chain them correctly.

If you are going to run RSP, ditch ET1 for a second emergency power to shields. Unless you have the doff that reduces EPTS down to it's global. Then in that case, roll with Emergency to Engines 1 or Emergency to Aux 1 instead.
You can also try, EPTS1 X2, and Aux To Dampeners 1. This grants you much more mobility great kinetic resistance, a great speed boost while aux to damp is up, and it makes you immune to stuns and repels. If you eat an aux battery (something you should have anyway) it gets even stronger. Can we say a 60 degree turn rate? Yes Please. As a alternate to this you can put in Extend Shields 1... giving a team mate a very good resistance to their shields is incredibly valuable.

Mask Energy 1 is worthless. Ditch it for Sci Team1, or Transfer Shield Strength 1. Shield tanking > a non working poor man's cloak. Ditch Hazard Emitters for Transfer Shield Strength 2. When you use this skill at base aux you have an 11 to 9 percent shield resistance bonus, with an aux bat it's 18 percent and the heal is incredibly potent.

Shield tanking > hull healing by far in this game. I run 0 hull heals, with my Escort, as long as my shields are up I'm pretty difficult to kill and I can keep my shields there through the most part up due to all the shield heals at my disposal.