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02-11-2012, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by zarathos1978
After yesterday matches I started to think about joining OPVP.

Now, my main toon (and preferred play style) is healer. Clean, straight (like good vodka ) healer. Nothing else in there. Could someone throw a look at my build and tell me if I am doing it right? In PUGs I can keep escorts and scis alive pretty well, but OPVP sounds more dangerous so I would like to check it.

Here is my toon from skillplanner:

There are some leftovers from times when I tried a DPS on Sovereign, I need to grind some dilithium and buy respec token to get rid of few weapon skills.

And here my ship:

Weapons: Phasers 4x Mk XI [Acc][Dmg]x2, Mk X [CtrH]x2, Mk X [CtrD]x2, 2x Photon torpedoes Mk X [CtrD][Dmg]
Deflector: Positron Deflector Array Mk XII [ShdS][Ins]
Impulse Engines: Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII [Spd][Turn]
Shield Array: Regenerative Mk XII blue [Ap][Reg] (grinding ECs to buy Mk XII [Reg]x2 or x3)

Eng consoles: Diburnium Mk XII, Parametalic Mk XII (green), 2x SIF generator Mk X (blue)
Sci consoles: Power Insulator, hield Amplifier, Inertial Dampener - all Mk X (blue)
Tac consoles: 2xPhaser Mk X (blue) This might help

But, your build is actually pretty good as far as bridge officers go. The only thing I would change is moving Transfer Shields1 up to 2 and HE2 down to HE1. Or changing out HE2 for Transfer shields 2.

Your gear needs help, but the boff skills are there
Deflector, change for Borg, Maco, or Omega
Engines, match which ever you go with for your deflector
Shields, Maco, Omega or Borg.

Sci Console, Put a Borg Console in there somewhere.