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02-11-2012, 07:37 AM
I'm partial to ET2 over ET3 --- run epts3 in it's place. Some may argue against it but I like it (1 it help you survive under heavy fire and it boasts ES.)

Also get a aux2sif3 and run ES2. ES2 is 80% of ES3 --- but with epts3 and pwr @ 70 you get about the same as you would a dry ES3. At least with resist. Add the aux2sif3 --- most good escorts aren't going to die while that's on them.

As far as the sci layout, I'm indifferent with HE1/2 - TSS1/2. While TSS2 is def better, most the time with a good team, the hull/resist from HE2 seems to work better, for me anyway. Shields are def more important over hull heals over time.

I run epts1/3 - epta1 and constantly cycle those in matches. Add the RMC and a shield/aux batt you can almost always keep your shields/aux @ 120+.

Check the SIF generators as well. I believe the little return you get from 2 somewhat NILs them. Also update to MK XI blues. Run more resist consoles in it's place.