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02-11-2012, 08:11 AM
Also I don't know if anyone noticed but DarthPanda16 still hasn't offered a single solution to me about this issue. In fact instead of giving me a solution I got sent an official warning about my numerous posts in the forums about this issue.

I guess this is how STO does business. If you complain about their product, they threaten to ban you from the forurms. Very classy. Real Classy.

I will NOT stop posting about this issue. If you ban me I will make another forum name and continue to post about it. Furthermore you are only hurting your own business by treating me this way. It's pathetic and wrong. Why don't you do your job and attempt to fix this issue instead of blowing us off and telling us the problem is our fault.

It's not a java setting or a toolbar or anything else you suggested. THE PROBLEM IS WITH THE DESIGN OF STAR TREK ONLINE!!

YOU tell ME how to fix it!