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02-11-2012, 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by AdSin15 View Post
It's not a java setting or a toolbar or anything else you suggested. THE PROBLEM IS WITH THE DESIGN OF STAR TREK ONLINE!!

YOU tell ME how to fix it!

See, the problem here AdSin is that when your told how to fix the problem, you then insist "No, your all wrong! The problem is with X not Y!"
Now I seem to have been getting far better luck with my connection to the server. Previously I'd disconnect after about 2-4 minutes, now I'm staying connected for upwards of half an hour most of the time.
I can try and help you solve the problem in the same way I did, if your willing to work with me, mate.

Assuming you chose to, I'll need you to go to StarTrekOnline/Live/logs/GameClient and open up Clientservercomm.LOG. Then copy and paste roughly the last 20 lines you see here.