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02-11-2012, 10:12 AM
I'll also point out what's been said before: Tech Support does not have a comprehensive list of EVERY known problem with EVERY known hardware/software configuration to say "oh, here's a step-by-step" list of what to do. Coming from someone who has work experience in the PC technical support field, sometimes our best friend is a database of problems that are known and a list of steps to take to try and work the problem out on your own because, frankly, without actually being there to view the precise specs of your PC and/or network configuration, the best that a TS person can do is take an educated guess.

First step thereof is to rule out the obvious. You'd be surprised how many problems are caused by the most mundane, overlooked things. (In some cases, so obvious that you want to go "well, duh..." after you find the issue.)

What gets a lot of people a bit offended is the fact that you have stated multiple times in your posts that "it's GOT to be STO, there is NO other explanation and I will not accept any!!" Maybe not in exactly those words, but it does carry that tone. You're also asking for a step-by-step process when, in fact, there likely not be one established for your particular issue. The absence of a flood of tickets and forum posts speaks to the fact that there isn't enough data on the issue to establish a procedure.

tl;dr: Even the best of Tech Support guys don't know everything. They can only go by what is established, and try and walk through the rest of what's going on until they do find something to which there is a solution that works. They can only work with you to the extent that you're willing to work with them.