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02-11-2012, 10:23 AM
Good thread, I just changed ships from the Assault Cruise to the Tactical Escort Retrofit as well. However I am an Eng captain.

CRF = Cannon Rapid Fire
CSV = Cannon Scatter Volley

I use Transfer Shield Strength instead of Polarize hull. I make sure to stay away as much as I can more the 5km away so I can't be tractored. Those times that I am, I use AP Omega 3 to get out of it... Of course the problem here is that if I'm running AP Beta (which I have 2 of) then it takes some time before I can use Omega...

I really like using CSV with AP beta, spreads the lowing of resistance to the many enemy ships, and helps your team... just have to watch out when doing it, make invoke a big attack response back at you.