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02-11-2012, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by themurgy
I think I understand what your saying overall, mate, but I lose your train of thought here.
There is no logic behind the idea that if one game experiences problems with a users configuration, and a separate game does not have any problem with the same configuration, that every user -regardless of computer configuration- on the first game should be experiencing the same issue.
But the reverse makes no sense either: that if one game experiences problems with a tiny minority of uers configurations, that it MUST be the game that is responsible.

Like I said way back, I think it's a combo issue: something in the game combined with crappy routers. Yes, if they rewrote whatever code is causing all the connections, it would solve the problem, but truthfully any router should be able to handle what the game is doing. A router that cannot is a poorly-designed piece of hardware.