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# 1 My Mystery Item Has Emerged
02-11-2012, 11:55 AM
I posted about this item that I had in my inventory two years ago when I played STO for only four days and didn't start playing again until recently. It was a special bonus item I had received for buying a deluxe edition of the game. I could not use it because it had no "Use" option and nobody in the game, forums, or even Cryptic tech support could tell me what it was. Support claimed it was a "bug". I contended that it was a special item that I received but could not use yet because I hadn't met a certain rank. I kept checking every time I'd rank up and it still had no specific info or stats to speak of.

Well, guess what? I made VA rank today and checked the item. It had a "Use" option. I used it and this is what it says now. None of this info appeared before. Now tell me I'm crazy:

So I figured this thing out. It is activated as skill. I now go Warp 27.32. I would have thought someone would have known what this was. Thanks, Cryptic Support, for telling me the item was a bug and had no use. Good thing I held my ground and didn't discard it.