Thread: An idea for PvP
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02-11-2012, 12:23 PM
Here's a question for you guys that support the "random only" ques.

Just how many premades. True premades are there on in a given night?

Answer? 1 maybe 2 if you're lucky.

What are they supposed to do? sit in a 5 man que and do nothing? Or not get to play with their friends in pvp? (and PvE sucks... which is why most of us opvpers don't do it)

Most premades are also friends outside of the team. They want to play together. (this is why they became a premade in the first place)

Also how are you supposed to get better if all you have to do is face enemies that... well let's face it are hardly better than the NPCs you shoot at in exploration missions all the time?