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02-11-2012, 12:31 PM
As Mavairo says there are not that many premades on anymore... all that would happen is they would start Quing up solo... as they likely all play fed or klink they will just que the right side and end up with 2-5 of there guys against the randoms anyway.

The better solution is this... understand that we are all here too have fun... no most of us don't find 5 man heavy loaded teams fun all the time vs new players either. I will que now and then with 3 or 4 friends, cause even if most of the matches are not much challenge, we do get one or two good matches a night and playing with them is still fun. Anyway I was getting too the solution part....

Join OrganizedPvP chat channel. The info is in a sticky at the top of this forum.

There is ALWAYS conversations going on which are fun too watch and take part in sometimes.... they are often talking about game... which might be helpful for you. You can always ask questions and likely get good answers. You can also ask if anyone would like to team up with a newer player for some fun pvp and perhaps too even help show you the ropes. I can tell you know that if you ask nicely and are sincere about playing the game that most of us care about... you WILL have people willing to que with you and give you tips too help you play better. Not many players are all crazy serious here. Other MMOS have that STO doesn't Opvp is mostly filled with a bunch of closet and full out trek geeks that will be more then helpful, we want PvP to grow not shrink. Sign up and have fun.