Thread: An idea for PvP
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02-11-2012, 01:41 PM
You're being awfully hard on the pugs; it's much more fun to have a battle with a person in PvP than it is to fight the endless drones of the story missions. You ask how are we supposed to get better? We need to be able to fight people who do not have the game down to a science. You can't get better by blowing up in 2 seconds under an alpha strike every time you get a little close to the other team. If there really aren't many premade teams on most of the time, have a pro queue and a just for fun queue. That way the guys who have their stuff set up perfectly can have a challenge and the rest can have a good time.

My entire point is that most of us can't have fun with PvP because of the high skill that others have acquired from years of play. Those with the high skill should be able to have the fun of a competitive match while the other who don't play PvP as much can have fun fighting amongst themselves.