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02-11-2012, 01:48 PM
did anyone else not that there are less mods now that there are 3 community mods. was the idea not to bring on more help not replace it? if you check most every sub form there is now one cryptic employee and the 3 new ones now. where as before most sub-forums had more or less 4 to 6 cryptic developers that would mod as they came across anything (mostly passing it up the chin much as we do)

note please note that im not saying that the new mods are not doing there job right, in fact that they seam to be doing rather well. and all things considered we Trekkies are mature and capable of handling ourselves in a professorial manner.

days when the survors are down/slow/full excluded. hew everyone is intitled to be mad, like when your stuck in traffic or someone did not start a fresh pot of coffie after finnishing the last of the one before. but we are all human

just pointing out the things i see.